School History

School History

The story of how Metcalfe P.S. became what it is today is long and wide. Metcalfe P.S. has been reshaped, moved and renovated. Read on as we go back to the late 19th century when Metcalfe was young.


The first public school in Metcalfe was a 15 foot square shanty built in the 1840's on the North side of Victoria street, just east of the Cemetery, and in 1900, Metcalfe P.S. was administered by the local school board.

By 1901, Metcalfe P.S. hired a secretary treasurer, J.L. Rolston, who served 19 years on the board. Three teachers were hired for the 100 students who were attending Metcalfe P.S., they were Mr. McGurril, who received $425 per year, Miss Ferguson, who received $300 per year, and Miss Urquhart, who received $225 per year.

Metcalfe Public School's budget in 1901 was $1000, most of which, was paid by taxes, however, the rest came from the Provincial and County grants. Metcalfe faced large growths in 1908, when new slate black boards were ordered all the way from Toronto, in 1909, when coal burning stoves were installed and in 1911, when the yard was expanded.


Metcalfe was constantly undergoing big changes. In 1967 Metcalfe school closed Kenmore school, Scotch school, and another school, north of Metcalfe. These were all 1 room schools. A few years later, Metcalfe went from U shaped to [ ] shaped. Metcalfe once had a large gymnasium, with "beautiful wood flooring" equipped with a stage and side rooms. That room is now used as the Technology room used by some classes. Since then the gym has been taken to the back of the school, next to the intermediate doors.

Metcalfe P.S. had a music teacher that traveled from school to school and came once a week, he was very helpful in Metcalfe P.S.'s musical education. In the 70's Metcalfe P.S. was introduced to a revolution of new portables. Currently we do not have portable classrooms. Metcalfe P.S. has about 350 students with roughly half being Intermediates. Students from Osgoode P.S. & Greely E.S. come to our school for grades 7 and 8. After being renovated many times, Metcalfe now has close to 16 classrooms, a library & a computer lab that we're all proud of.

This is Metcalfe's story & there's more history yet to happen & people yet to experience it.


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